june 2006 bought with broken 1st gear and danish papers

first look

exhaust nut trouble

inside look

gearbox loose

july 2006 cilinders, heads, pistons

gearbox overhaul @ bmwboxertoko

valves and guides check-up

august 2006 newly welded exhaust thread, new valves and valveguides:

putting it together:

almost done:


3rd run xvid movie (6mb)

september 2006 leaking carburator caps:

oktober 2006 checking camshaft timing, changing chain and sliders

november 2006 windspoiler painted + forkbrace, checking for sidestand

december 2006 24ltr tank with leak

BT45 tyres, transport tank to welder

welded, filling up and checking for leaks

nearly fitting 1100 caliper, will I fit an XTZ front-end

single crossover headerpipes with supertrapp megaphones

february 2007 test fitting exhaust

24Ltr tank painted, GS seat doesn't fit a G/S

april 2007 preparing Acewell 2853 digital dashboard

speed sensor

more build pictures

april 2007 Supertrapp megaphone and K&N air filter and WP 359mm R80G/S shock

june 2007 dynorun

july 2007 testfitting rear frame, seat and fender

august 2007 rear frame, seat, fender and wiring/lights mounted